About Charlie Naebeck

My journey spans an incredible 34 years, marked by an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Within this adventure, I oversee a diverse array of projects, including Creative ID Co LLC, Shirley’s Fund Company, and several other endeavors featured on our main page.

Through collaborations with esteemed names like Conde Nast, Live Nation, and Vogue, my camera has journeyed across the globe, capturing the very essence of human experience.

Yet, what truly drives me is my passion for sharing knowledge and mentoring others. From teaching at prestigious institutions like NYU, UM, and Adorama, I’ve had the privilege of impacting lives in over 70 countries and continue to do so with new projects through on demand courses, Zoom mentorship sessions, and Shirley’s Fund projects.

At the core of Charlie Naebeck Co lies a world of boundless creativity and opportunity. Here, dreams take shape, fueled by collaborative innovation and unwavering dedication. Join me on this extraordinary voyage, where together, we’ll turn aspirations into reality.

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