An Invitation to Join My New Street Photography Class

The Gypsy - by Charlie Naebeck. All Rights Reserved.

Hello everyone,

I hope that today’s letter finds you doing well.

I wanted to reach out to you today to invite you to check out my brand new street photography class called Street Scenes: A Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Life in the City.

As many of my students know, I am no stranger to teaching the classics of Street Photography as I did it for many years living in NYC and sent countless students out into the New York City streets to cut their teeth on starting their journey in street photography for the very first time.

This time though, I wanted to offer something different in this course. We do cover the classic history of street photography and the tactics that will get you started in your journey of course, but this time I wanted to address things like the benefits of street photography that you get even if you only do it for fun. I also wanted to talk about topics like handling rejection being more and more modern times make people in the streets hyper-aware of photographers. And I talk about things like the legal standpoint of street photography and some of the ways that I would embrace street photography if I were to start the journey again in 2024.

Starting today with the launch of this new class, I want to give you a special offer of just $24 to sign up. This will be good this entire week until 11 pm on March 31st in honor of my Grandmother’s birthday this week. She would have been 95 years old this year, and she is the one that I have to thank for 34 years of adventures and everything that I have done in photography being she gifted me my first camera at age 10 and gave me a solid start. I wish that she were still with us today to show how far this journey with photography has taken me.

You can help celebrate though and join the course for just $24 before March 31st. Tell all of your friends and get them to sign up and take the class to go street shooting with you.

Why This Class Is Unique:

One thing that I wanted to do differently this time in designing this course is to point out a lot of non-traditional street photography topics. I think that in all my years of teaching street photography as a course one of the biggest things that I have experienced as a teacher has been that many students are afraid at first to start.

Once everyone gets going through and starts to photograph with different techniques that I teach, they realize that there is a world of fun to be had and that it brings out their innermost desire to create, express themselves, find a daily way to relieve stress and anxiety from a 9-5, or even to find themselves in what they are drawn to in their journey.

I know that the first time that I started as a street photographer, I was scared beyond belief when I had a teacher tell me to go photograph people. I was scared of how people would react to me taking their picture, I was scared of if they would curse at me, or even they would try to break my camera. I quickly learned after using techniques that I learned in my teacher’s class though that once you use some of the techniques that are in the world of street photography 99.9% of people never even realize you are making images. Truth be told, most people care more about themselves than what you are doing on the streets honestly anyway.

And with this new class, I want to help you to start your journey, or even to brush up on it with some new tools in the toolbox so to speak if you are someone that has experienced street photography before. I promise that after trying some of these techniques in this class you will see your creativity soar and that you will begin to feel more confident in not only your approach to street photography but in your daily life as well. Street photography can change your life – literally.

What You’ll Learn:

In this course, you will learn how to capture life’s unscripted moments. Sometimes beauty or stories happen right in front of our eyes, and for a moment we think to ourselves that it would be amazing to remember such a thing. Yet, in an instant, it is gone forever.

I will teach you just as my teachers have taught me in my own path how documenting daily life is not as evil as some of the media or personal opinions of non-photographers make it out to be. It is meant to lift people up and to dignify them in a moment as my old teacher David Turnley used to say when I was in his course. And I mean, if David, who happens to be the guy who captured Nelsen Mandela as he came out of prison alongside his twin brother Peter Turnley shares this, there is some power behind the sentiment. In fact, most of your experience in your life is your attitude on how you approach it.

I will also mention that if you find yourself in your street photography adventures having an axe to grind with anyone or any topic, step away from it and do not touch it with a ten-foot pole as my teachers used to say. I learned, what I like and dislike through early trials in street photography personally, and in this class, I teach you how to learn your own likes and dislikes so that you can set yourself up for success.

You will also learn how to tell stories with your images in this course, and how to put together a portfolio and take it to publish a book of your work if you so desire. This helps you to document and keep track of your personal vision to see where you have been in your work, and to see where you have gone as you publish new work.

I will also talk about the legal aspect of street photography and ethics on how you can navigate the moral complexities of street photography in this course.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Join:

So here’s the deal. There is a limited window of opportunity to join me in this journey to start your street photography adventures with my guidance in this course. Before March 31st at 11 pm EST, you can get access to this course for just $24. As you can see, a course like this normally goes for more than $180 easily in most major cities. Yet, I am bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home, your coffee shop, or your pocket whenever you wish to study and practice the techniques. And for such an opportunity for just $24, I will say personally that you can’t beat that as most courses are much more expensive. Not to mention that you will be learning from my 34 years of experience with my track record of teaching at places like NYU, UM, Adorama, and countless workshops in person and online to my students who now hail from over 70 different countries these days. As I mentioned before, I wish that I could tell my Grandmother what I have accomplished in this journey. She would be incredibly proud and want to see all of the photos that you submit in class also.

Not to mention that if you are amongst the first 100 students to sign up for this course, I will be available to give you personalized feedback if you want to email me here on charlienaebeck. co. Being this course is brand new, I am thinking of doing a once-per-week live office hours session on Zoom if there is substantial interest also. Let me know if that is something that interests you if you sign up for this course. I would love to answer questions and maybe even do some critique on some of the work that you are producing.

How to Enroll:

Here is the easy part.

To enroll, you simply visit, and you will see a “Buy Now” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

It will take you through the checkout process to complete payment and sign up.

Once you are enrolled, you can visit and click the “My Account” section which will expand a menu beneath it. Click on “My Account” again and it will take you to a login page where you can log in.

After you are logged in, navigate back to “My Account” again and click on “My Courses” and you will be able to start your course at your pace.

If you have any trouble getting logged in, just drop me a note in the “Get in touch” section on, and I am happy to help.

Just a reminder, the sale price of $24 to enroll is good before 11 pm on March 31st. make sure to sign up before then to take advantage of the special, and please do feel free to share with your friends. Photography is much more fun to do with friends.

Closing Thoughts:

In the meantime, I hope that you have a great day. Photography has been one of the most important things that has influenced my life. It all started with the gift of the camera from my Grandmother at age 10 and a curious spirit to see what the world looks like in photographs as Garry Winogrand once said. It has sent me on countless adventures, it has introduced me to cultures, places, and people that I would never have dreamed of meeting in my life, and hey, for what it is worth, I even met my wife through photography.

I want to extend a warm welcome to you and say thank you for dropping by my site. I hope that you join us in this course and that I can share the gift of photography with you also. Together, we will get you started on your journey to explore the beauty and depth that street photography has to offer.

And who knows, maybe your journey begins with this class. I remember how street photography became the catalyst that changed my life for the better. When I was done with long days of work in studios, classrooms, and meetings in NYC, you would commonly find me exploring neighborhoods at all hours of the day and night with my camera and a pair of headphones with a great playlist. It captivated me, relieved the stresses and anxieties of long days, and opened doors unimaginable.

So here is the link once more: I hope that I can help start you on the journey that will change your life and help you too. Remember it is just $24 before March 31st. I can’t wait to see what you create, and I look forward to seeing you in class.

Have a great week!


“In every street scene lies a hidden narrative, waiting for the keen eye of a photographer to bring it to light. Embrace the adventure of uncovering these stories, for within them, we find the essence of humanity.” – Charlie Naebeck

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like” – David Alan Harvey