Study Abroad Helped Prepare Me for Unexpected Challenges

Study Abroad Helped Prepare Me for Unexpected Challenges

Adaptability and Resilience for a Successful Transition

Charlie Naebeck with Professor Romeo DiLoreto in Italy

Study Abroad Helped Prepare Me for Unexpected Challenges

Life has a funny way of preparing you for unexpected challenges. I remember the first time I traveled to Florence, Italy, to study photography and drawing for college.

As I sat on the airplane, nervous and unsure of what would come, I met a kind woman from England who helped ease my nerves with a few beers and good conversation.

Little did I know that the skills I learned in Italy would be crucial to supporting my family as we migrate from Colombia to the United States in our current situation. To engage my new role as a content creator on, I’ve had to rely on my adaptability and resilience to push through challenging times by using more than just my photography skills to make ends meet.

Study Abroad Helped Prepare Me for Unexpected Challenges

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in Italy was the importance of finding familiar things in an unfamiliar place.

As we navigate a new country and culture, I’ve prioritized finding those small comforts that remind us of home.

Whether cooking our favorite Colombian dishes or listening to music that comforts us, these familiar things have helped us feel more at ease in this foreign land.

Try to stay busy

I’ve also learned that staying busy and engaged with new experiences can help make time pass quickly and keep our minds off the stress and uncertainty of moving to a new country.

And, of course, taking care of ourselves and getting enough rest is crucial for maintaining our mental and physical health.

Expanding Charlie Naebeck Co

It is funny how the prior lessons that I learned as a student for my study abroad in college led to this moment of expanding beyond photography to my new role as a content creator.

I have always done things like teaching, website design, mentoring, consulting, writing books, graphic design, copywriting, and merchandise creation for my company without even realizing that these are valuable skills that can be offered as a service to others.

I am very excited to expand my role, and if I can assist with your projects, please reach out to me to say hello.


These skills and techniques have been invaluable as I transition into my new role as a content creator.

Through the ups and downs of this challenging journey, I’ve stayed focused on supporting my family and using my creativity to build a better future for us.

With the right tools and mindset, I know we can tackle anything that comes our way.

How have your prior life experiences helped you transition?

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