How to Learn from Your Favorite Photographs You Love

How to Learn from Your Favorite Photographs You Love

What makes a photograph a “favorite”?

How to Learn from Your Favorite Photographs You Love
My favorite photograph taken in Milan, Italy waiting for a Vogue IT meeting — by Charlie Naebeck

How to Learn from Your Favorite Photographs You Love

Do you have a favorite photograph? Do you remember the moment you pulled the trigger to capture it? How does it feel? What was your mind at the moment?

Many of us as photographers have specific content or a style that we prefer in our photos.

This content or style often impresses our subconscious based on life experiences or something we long for or desire.

Identifying your favorite photograph or photographs can be very helpful in developing your photography skills in your path.

How to Learn from Your Favorite Photographs You Love

My favorite photograph and why

I remember this image of the blackbirds in Milan, Italy, as clear as day.

I sat in a large square before the Duomo in Milan, waiting for my first meeting with Italian Vogue.

In front of me, a young boy around three was chasing pigeons. He felt so free and excited as I watched him chase the birds in laughter.

A large storm was rolling in, and I had a half hour to wait before my meeting.

I saw the birds flock against the ominous sky with a storm rolling in as they raced away from the excited boy, and something drew me to pull out my camera.

I made precisely three images before the rain started to fall and forced me to put away my camera and seek shelter.

Later that evening, I returned to Florence to celebrate the victory of my meeting with my friends.

We finished dinner, and I sat in front of my computer to unload my camera, as always. I saw this image fill my screen, and immediately the hair stood on end on the back of my neck as I felt a great triumph flood my body.

For me, this image summarizes freedom

I remember the path I created that day that led me to several other future opportunities.

I remember being happy from the laughter of the boy.

And I remember to always be positive in the middle of foreboding circumstances.

Understanding your photographs

Many of my students, throughout the years, enter my classes and tell me that they love an image they made.

I always ask the question, why?

Sometimes we need photography as a distraction in life to allow us to process and understand other events.

Sometimes photography is freedom of expression.

Sometimes we need the adventure to break up a monotonous situation.

Sometimes we learn something new about ourselves.

Or sometimes, it changes our life.

No matter the reason, I suggest any photographer identify your favorite image and see what you can understand.

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